Create an Experience to Remember at a Free Dinner Round Table Event

Civil discourse is more important than ever, and the dinner table is the best place to discuss what truly matters. Let us handle the logistics. All we need from you is a little help getting the right people to the table.

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Why Host a Dinner Round Table with Us?

Be the One to Start a Civil Conversation

The Center for the Study of Liberty knows that having conversations about social topics has become more difficult and polarizing. Our Dinner Round Table events are the perfect opportunity to put aside partisan divides between your friends or colleagues; you will learn and share your ideas over dinner – the ideal place for these discussions.

Explore new ideas in a respectful environment, where we help guide the discussion in a civil way.

Tap into Our Network of Expert Conversationalists

We will make all the necessary arrangements for an expert facilitator to attend – from policy experts and professors to business leaders. We will also come prepared with thoughtful questions to ask to keep the conversation moving forward.

Your guests will be encouraged to learn about a topic with guided readings, podcasts, or videos before the event to help steer the conversation towards meaningful discourse.

Showcase Your Organization in a Thoughtful Way

Are you a part of an organization? Our Dinner Round Table events are an excellent opportunity to bring your network together to talk about key issues – even controversial ones – in a relaxed environment that promotes learning and understanding.

We will showcase your community on our website and social media platforms as the host. You’ll gain exposure for your group while also benefiting from the great conversations at the dinner event. If you like, you may provide signs, swag bags, or other promotional items at your hosted event for your guests.


Choose the Topic, or Let Us Help

Whether you’re looking to discuss a particular topic or just want to get together for meaningful conversation, the Center is here to help. You can partner with us to find a topic, or bring your own.


It’s Free. Really. 

The Center has designed these events so that participants are encouraged to come to the table without having to worry about the financial cost. As a host, you just need to find the right people to attend and provide guidance on an appropriate topic for the night’s discussion. We will coordinate thought leadership, bring a subject matter expert to the table, arrange the food, and manage other event arrangements so you can enjoy the conversation.

Have Questions?

Read our list of frequently asked questions

“This opportunity allowed me to engage in more open and thoughtful views than I can in my every day experiences where ‘don’t talk about religion or politics’ is the social norm.”

—  Jennifer C.

“I LOVED this event. Dinner was fantastic, but the conversation was better. I was terrified that leaving DC would make me complacent, but events like these keep me engaged, involved and informed. Thank you!”

—  Jonathan M.

“I haven’t really experienced anything like this before, especially the method of discussion which was free form and unguided in a sense. I haven’t had that experience of bouncing ideas off of each other and having a brain meld, as opposed to something that needs an output or a result.”

— Kristen D.

“Working with the Center for the Study of Liberty really allowed our chapter to explore a new event platform. We were able to bring chapter members together an intimate dinner with thought-provoking discussion. We actually had such a good response from this event that we brought the speaker back for a second time.” 

— Laurel B.

Host a Dinner Round Table!

Reach out today to express interest and learn more about hosting a Dinner Round Table event. If selected, a member of our staff will contact you to discuss your application and answer your questions.

You can be the spark that starts the next civil conversation. We look forward to helping you bring your neighbors, friends, colleagues, and community members together for a meaningful discussion.

Briefly tell us about the first two people on your invitation list. What would make them a great addition to the conversation? We’d like to get a snapshot of the ideological diversity at the table. 

*Please note: We focus on hosting conversations for people outside of the academy. We kindly ask that you do not include students or academics on your list.

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