In this episode, we bring you a discussion with John Wood, Jr. and April Lawson of Better Angels, a national grassroots movement to reduce political polarization. John and April share insights from the frontlines of this movement, discuss the importance of building and maintaining fundamental social bonds, and offer practical ways to get involved in changing the trajectory of our civic culture.

Show Notes


April Lawson is the architect and director of the Better Angels Debates program.  She previously worked for David Brooks at The New York Times for 4 years and co-founded Weave: The Social Fabric Project at the Aspen Institute. Her own research focuses on morality, feminism, and America’s current fragmentation in politics and culture.

John Wood Jr. is a national leader for Better Angels, a former nominee for congress, former Vice-Chairman of the Republican Party of Los Angeles County, and a noted writer and speaker on political issues and racial reconciliation. John is the host of “The John Wood Jr. Show,” a new podcast focused on looking beyond depolarization. He also co-hosts “The Better Angels Podcast.


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