Our Values

We are committed to these values in everything we do.

Our programs must reflect these values, and every member of our team is expected to demonstrate these values in her work.

We are responsible

We are responsible for our actions and for our own intellectual development. We believe that communities are made better by individuals acting on local knowledge to improve their lives and the lives of those around them, so we celebrate those who accept the consequences of the choices they make, no matter how challenging that might be. We acknowledge our own mistakes when we make them, and, when we see problems, we look for solutions and not for other people to blame. We have enough self-awareness to know our strengths and our weaknesses, and we make decisions with both in mind.

We are open-minded

We believe open-minded people choose a disposition of curiosity and humility. We seek out many opinions, especially those that don’t match ours, and we approach all people believing there is something we can learn from them. We have biases, but we recognize that we do and we work to overcome those biases when they are unfounded. We avoid making judgments without evidence or without understanding, and we listen carefully. We are frequent shoppers in the marketplace of ideas because the competition there generates the best outcomes.

We value inquiry

We are curious people and we love to be around other people who want to join us in the process of inquiry. We believe that deliberate, thoughtful study is the surest path to learning. We believe human flourishing requires continuous learning. We also know that learning entails humility: to be open to the excitement of discovery, we must first recognize our own limitations. Inquiry requires courage and diligence, so we must remind ourselves to be vigilant about providing space for discussion and contemplation. No matter how careful we think we are, it will always seem easier to propagandize than it will to trust others to come to their own conclusions.

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