A Dose of Optimism

It’s been a long couple of days as we all settle into new daily rhythms and tune in to a dizzying news cycle. As we wind down the week, let’s take some time to reflect on what we can celebrate in the midst of the current crisis. Here at the Center for the Study...

What can I do in the face of all the bad news?

In recent days, coronavirus has appeared in nearly every communication I’ve received. It’s hard to stay calm when constantly being bombarded with anxiety-inducing news. I’m not a scientist or medical expert. There are much smarter people around the world working...
Episode 6: “America in One Room”

Episode 6: “America in One Room”

In this episode, we bring you a discussion with the architects of “America in One Room,” a ground-breaking experiment conducted in September 2019. Could our democracy work better if citizens were actually able to think through policy proposals and deliberate? Discover...

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